2017 Championship Rules & Regulations

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2017 Championship Rules & Regulations

Post by Admin on Wed May 03, 2017 3:52 pm

1.    All Drivers MUST use their real name in game and in the forum
2.    All drivers must use a pre-booked race number from 1 – 99, and be displayed on their car as per the template
3.    All teams must be correctly registered by the 21st May 2017
4.    All cars must use the Official Livery template and produce a Team Car Livery (Template to be provided)
5.    If a driver fails to attend a race and is not replaced by the official Reserve Driver, the Driver will take a 5-point penalty & the Team will incur a 5-point penalty also (per driver).  note: No other drivers will be allowed other than the three registered
6.    A unique Championship Penalty format – PLP (Pit Lane Penalty) structure will run during race weekends on the BCZ Server.  The default AC Penalty structure will be removed, as it is too harsh with a time penalty for every corner cut.  This system will only come into effect if you cut the track more than three times with more than 2 wheels during the race, this is accumulative, every time you reach 3 cuts you will receive a drive through penalty.
a. No pTracker or PLP used - Instant Disqualification
b. Conflicting PLP.ini – Instant Disqualification
c. PLP not actioned/activated in race - 30 sec time penalty post-race
d. Not actioning the drive through penalty during race - Removed from race (Black Flag)
7.    No Mandatory Pit stops are required
8.    No ABS will be allowed
9.    TC & SC will be set to Factory
10.   Set ups are a strategy decision (No Fixed Set Ups will be in force)
11.    Max Collisions x KM is set to 3 (ie, if you hit 3 cars within 1km, you will be Black Flagged/Kicked)
12.    Jump Start = an Instant Drive through penalty within 2 laps
13.    Ptracker is mandatory for all drivers (See 6a)
14.    There will be no VSC or SC used in this competition, be mature if caught in a collision!
15.    DRS can be used within the DRS Zone regardless of the car in front - it is not possible to change this.
16.    STracker will provide the results and is final
17.    STracker will provide points for Driver Standings (Constructors will be calculated by the Stewards)
18.    The Stewards decision is final, any penalties incurred will be awarded after scrutinising the ACServer log, post-race
19.  Sever ‘pile ups’ of multiple cars / major collisions on the first lap only may result in a race re-start, this is a decision the Stewards will make on a case by case basis
20.    Have fun but be Mature and Sensible, or you will be removed from the Championship

Any incidents during the race weekend should be reported to the Stewards after the race, with either video footage or screenshots (No evidence = no action may be taken).  The Stewards will then de-conflict with the ACServer log and decide on any possible actions / penalties and update the championship standings accordingly if it is required.

Possible Penalties could and may include:

•    A 1-10-point deduction from either the Team and/or Driver dependent on severity
•    1 Race Ban
•    Team removed from Championship

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